Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lessons from The Woodle

Count Basie (aka The Woodle* or The Woodle Doodle**) would like to show you the proper way to steal a morning latte.

He is quite talented.

*"The Woodle" is a very handsome dog who looks like a Wolf but sounds like a pOODLE when he sees prey items. Hence...THE WOODLE.

**Woodle Doodles don't exist, silly, but the name makes us giggle so we call him that just for fun.

***AP-I know I know...his real name is The Woodlay. But let's not confuse the poor readers any more than necessary, cool?


weneego said...

there's my buddy!! no mention of count basie? the woodle poodle with many a distinguished name. sir basie sipping form his morning latte?? what a lucky wolf!

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

I'm a firm believer in all woodles getting exactly what they want! The extra handsome ones, like this particular Woodles, should get extra!

Terry said...


Alison said...

Ha ha!! I was getting confused...who is Woodle? :)

Glad he is doing better and able to steel Lattes.

KB said...

I didn't know the origin of his name! Cool! I'm glad that you didn't add the "Woodlay" story. You know me... easily confused.

I love the story of Patrick the donkey. His saviors are my heroes too, just like you are.