Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rikki Tiki Tavi's Tale

Today I thought I would share Rikki Tiki Tavi's story. This gorgeous girl will be turning 12 in June.

Beautiful RTT playing in the snow 2007

We adopted Rikki and her best friend, Sir, from a shelter in Connecticut in 2002:  she was 3 years old and Sir was 10. 

Sir and RTT 2002

A wonderful friend told me about these beautiful German Shepherds who had been in a no-kill shelter in CT for over 6 months. Their human had died of cancer in the fall of 2001 and had left a trust fund for his best friend to take care of the dogs after he died. Sadly, the best friend took the money and dumped the dogs at the local shelter.

Handsome Sir-Whitefish Lake, MT 2004

A puppy picture of RTT that came with her file. What a cutie!

The two were so intensely bonded that the shelter was desperate to adopt them out together. Unfortunately nobody wanted Sir because he was a senior so we ended up adopting them both. Lucky us! Not only is Rikki a wonderful and gorgeous and funny girl but Sir was one of the biggest loves of my life. What a devoted, loyal, hilarious, silly, absurd, smart, affectionate boy he was. I wish more people realized how incredible it can be to adopt a senior animal.

Willy Mammoth, RTT, & Sir on a hike 2003

One of my friends flew out to Connecticut and drove the two big dogs back to Colorado. We integrated the two shepherds into our then 6pack and they fit right in. Our pack was quite pointy eared back then...these days it is more balanced with one pair of floppy eared Guppies and one pair of pointy eared shepherds :)

The 8 pack in 2003

The Current Pack 2011

I always got a lot of oohs and aaahs from people when I would take Rikki and Sir to town to run errands so I made a point of mentioning that they were adopted from a shelter and that both had incredible pedigrees. Upon hearing that many of their admirers told us that they would adopt from breed rescue groups rather than buying from a breeder-it made me feel so good knowing that RTT and Sir were inspiring people to rescue unwanted animals!

Indian Peaks Wilderness 2004

We have always felt so lucky that we were able to step in before these two were separated-the shelter was certain that Sir would have not survived much longer in a loud and stressful shelter environment. We were able to enjoy another 3.5 years with the handsome boy and we are still, 9 years later, enjoying every moment with our beautiful RTT.

RTT proved to be a very unique dog-she had more drive than any dog I had ever met before-she is so much fun and so full of joy!

This girl has one of the most intense work ethics ever! She takes her play sessions VERY seriously!

And she has a serious love of toys!

Christmas 2009

But once the sun starts to go down she is quite the napper, too. The picture below makes me giggle...she practically disappears into the soft sofa cushion.

RTT & Sophie 2004

RTT is such a beautiful and happy soul and is such a great member of the pack. She loves her Guppies with a passion (even though sometimes she tries to taste them, just a little), she adores Count Basie, she has learned to engage her brain in a more calm manner by going out on long walks through the woods, and she loves to be snuggly and sweet every evening.

Each of our animals teaches us so much about life. Rikki Tiki Tavi has taught me more about being silly and having outright FUN in life than any other of our crew. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful and joyful reminder to wake up to every day. I love my Tick :)


Terry said...

What a beautiful dog, inside and out.

Paint Girl said...

Wonderful story! Beautiful dogs! Thanks for sharing their story!

Lori Skoog said...

RTT and Sir...such beautiful examples of their breed. Loved reading about her (them). More kudos for adopting them so they could be together and have the happy life with you.

Grey Horse Matters said...

What a wonderful story. I'm sure Sir was happy to be adopted along with RTT and spend his last years in a loving home. Rikki is gorgeous and fun loving and I can see how she could have taught her humans to have fun and enjoy life. German Sheperds are my favorite dogs, so loyal and loving. You made me remember all of the German Sheperd friends I've had through the years.

weneego said...

it's been so great to hear the personal stories of the members of your crew. i love how darn cute rtt is when you play chipmunk! she makes my heart smile! and i love how she manages to keep from tasting the guppies most of the time!

Vegan Flower said...

What a beautiful story that RTT has. It's so sad that her previous human's best friend did that (what kind of friend is that?!?). The pictures are all adorable and everyone looks so happy & content. <3

Maery Rose said...

Love the photos of your beautiful dogs! I do think that rescue dogs are the best even if my terrier is truly testing that theory.

Carolyn said...

Love this story--it brought back memories hearing it again. I LOVE Miss RTT!!! (and so does Doug.)