Saturday, June 11, 2011

Too sexy for her clothes

Things are going well here at Dream Valley Ranch (Quick! Everyone knock on wood!). Chloe has begun eating some hay and grain and is enjoying her daily walks in the woods. She is actually gaining weight!

But perhaps the biggest accomplishment is a shared one: I am finally able to blanket my wild mustang! Both Chloe and I have had to take a tremendous leap of faith in one another in order to reach this milestone and we have worked hard at it all month!

In fact...tonight I graduated! I took Chloe's fly sheet off and then blanketed her with a lightly insulated turn out blanket all by myself! Auntie Robin actually cried with joy because she knows how scary this was for me AND my little pony-Yay for us! (It's okay Auntie Robin...your cry baby moment is just between me, you, and the internet!)

We are so lucky to be able to count on the training and guidance of our friend and pony whisperer Auntie Robin through this process and are even luckier to have had such fun along the way! We have laughed so hard as we worked on desensitizing our silly girl to every type of floppy clothing imaginable. I think even Chloe has giggled quietly at us during the silliest of moments! Here is a picture of our clothes horse (or should i say CHLOEthes horse?)...doesn't she look adorable?

And here is a video that I had to put together for this specific was just too perfect to pass up. I hope you all get a good laugh out of our blanket training efforts! Go Chloe go!


sweetpam said...

This came at such a perfect time. I was sitting here bawling my eyes out because a friend just lost her beloved pug then I clicked to the picture of Chloe the Clothes Horse and it made me smile. thank you

chbrown57 said...

Yipeeeee! Chloe's feeling good and has poops that will be the envy of the horse world!! She could use a new stylist though.

Happy, Waggin' Tails, FUREVER!
Stumpy and me

Sandra said...

This was so good to read and see and listen to!! Way, way too sexy! Keep up the good work, Chloe!!!

emilydickinsonsgarden said...

Nice job and you can see the trust she puts in you both. About the poo--I concur with your assessment. It is of the right color, consistency, and form. A+++ on the poo!

I have problems with this type of comment form, so I think I'll be anonymous today--or use my wordpress account. I'm trying...

Beautiful Mustang

weneego said...

that was hilarious! especially the part about the good poo!

so brave!

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Yay, Chloe! We're so happy to see she is feeling better and eating better and pooping better. Having a clothes horse in the family takes playing dress up to a whole new level. We're just glad Chloe will now accept blankies and will never have to shiver with cold again.

Jed & Abby

Maery Rose said...

Love the ending and seeing Chloe looking so good. I just ordered a fly sheet for Luke today. His poor skin is sensitive and has lots of bumps so I'm hoping a sheet will help. I'll have to take photos. It's plaid with a matching plaid face mask. Oo la la!