Sunday, September 18, 2011

A peaceful day at DVR

Good morning from DVR...what a peaceful and beautiful day. For the moment I am choosing to forget Chloe's kidney failure, Sir Woodle's neurological events, and RTT's cancerous lump and impending surgery.

Instead I am sitting in the back grazing paddock, perched comfortably on the back of Chloe's trailer, marveling at the sprinkles of yellow leaves among the Aspen, the brisk autumn breeze, and the joy of hearing my wiiiiiiild mustang munching away on the lush green grass with enthusiasm.

Chloe the Wiiiiild Mustang is cozy toasty warm in her fleece liner and extra heavy weight turnout blankie which makes my very soul smile. Who knew that ponies could have such extensive wardrobes and that it would be so fun choose an outfit (or several) each day? And I cannot put into words the relief I have knowing she is warm.

Our girl has lost considerable weight despite having access all day to nutritious delicious pasture, hay, grain, and more.

We are only in September and we are already fighting the cold. So far we are winning the battle-she gets tucked into her deeply bedded stall with layers of blankets, two infrared heaters overhead, heated water, and an endless buffet of yummy food within easy reach. Thank goodness - and surprisingly - she loves her Diva lifestyle!

I will post a more thorough update soon of mine and Chloe's summer and fall adventures and what lies ahead for us but for now I wanted to share some sweet images from the weekend.

Miss Chloe is not only loading herself into her trailer at liberty-she snuggles into the shavings for naps after breakfast :) That is her Auntie Robin snuggled into the shavings next to her. Trailer training is hard work! Everyone needs a nap! (I love her blue Pessoa blankie-it is so pretty on her!)

She looks like such a coy little thing, doesn't she, in her plaid heavy weight (440 grams of fill!! Warm!) Baker blanket.

RTT snuggled into her own cozy bed for a nap after a morning walk with the pack.

Snappie and mom nap together in the stall-they need rest after a full day of grazing and romping in the pasture together.

And a picture of my daily morning ritual of keeping my social butterfly mustang company so that she will eat :) Chloe is a very high maintenance pony and I wouldn't change a thing about her! I find it hilarious that the horse who showed up untouchable and dangerous insists on having me at her side for hours every day or she refuses to eat. Silly mustang. As you wish :)


Cyndi and Stumpy said...

I'm so happy you are reveling in the gifts of the day! It appears the other residents are doing the same.

Terry said...

Chloe looks so comfy in her blue blankie. Paj has that blanket in grey plaid. It's a very nice blanket!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Awww, Chloe looks lovely modeling her new clothes. And she's keeping them so clean!

allhorsestuff said...

Sending nickers and hugs to you and yours...lovely Chloe Is truly free now. You've insured her care and love so well. Lori Skoog gave a nice write up.on you. Bless your hearts for all the love you give to the animals!

Annette said...

I saw on the Skoog Farm Journal that you lost Chloe today. I'm sending you a big hug. You gave her a great life and went way beyond what most people would do to care for her. ...all those blankets... your love for her shining through the videos...Your time together was blessed.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I saw on Lori's blog that you lost Chloe. So sorry to hear that. She was a brave little mare and will be missed by all of us. I'm sorry she lost her battle but she gave it a gallant effort. She is at peace now and watching over your ranch and all who loved her. Chloe was one of the most loved and cared for horses I've ever known about and she will not be forgotten.