Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Goodbye to the sweetest boy ever.

We had to let our sweet, kind, gentle fuzzy muppet Count Basie go yesterday. The emptiness we feel in our hearts is overwhelming. The loss is almost unbearable-he was such a perfect soul in every way. We feel lost and broken without him in our lives. He was such an immense presence that there just aren't enough words to describe his loving and playful soul. But I will try.
  • He was the perfect example of how to live a zenful life.
  • We called him The Original Buddha.
  • My mom loved him, called him The Heeppee, and said he looked like a professor of poetry.
  • He was everyone's favorite (though none of my friends plays favorites).
  • He taught us to always stop and take in the views.
  • He reminded us to check for peemail on every shrub.
  • He LOOOOOVED his daddy.
  • He knew how to throw a good accidental bear claw punch.
  • He had a soft spot for pony whisperesses.
  • Some friends called him The Fuzzoodle and he liked that. A lot.
  • He loved the Woodle Womp Woods trail his daddy built him.
  • He knew he was worshipped by mini-me nieces and nephews.
  • He loved all of his brothers and sisters but especially his Monkey.
  • He made us appreciate napping upside down in the sun.
  • He always asked for a snuggle and a belly rub.
  • A Princess once offered to marry him.
  • He looked like a Wolf but sounded like a Poodle.
  • He was especially fond of ducks.
  • His favorite thing in the world was a hike with his Monkey and his dad.
  • He showed us how to womp through life with joy and absurdness.
  • He had the best driveway bounce ever.
  • He loved when his Uncle Curt would visit.
  • He knew that the best way to cheer someone up was to climb in their lap.
  • He would flop upside down in the middle of a full speed run because he could.
  • He hopped and womped around like a wet noodle.
  • He remained humble despite his overwhelming handsomeness.
  • He loved when his friends called him The Woodlay.
  • He loved people who knew the importance of romping and riding with their doggies. Especially in the rockies.
  • He really liked ninja ponies and their families.
  • He looked like a Muppet and sounded like one, too.
  • He loved Wookies because who doesn't?
  • He WAS Count Chocula.
  • He loved his Rikki Tiki Tavi.
  • He loved to play Frog Dog.
  • He appreciated the importance of having a surprise burrito to find and to gobble up quickly before anyone notices.
  • He loved to count Guppies: "oooooone guppie...twwwwooooo guppies..."
  • He made us all better people for having known him.
  • He was my perfect fuzzy muppet. And I loved him with all of my heart.
We were the luckiest people in the world to have had the most loyal and unconditional best fuzzy friend imaginable. We know he had a great life with us...he would not have lived if he had not found us and we will always be so grateful that we stumbled into each others lives.

I hope these pictures help convey how much we love him.  If there is another world after this one-even if it only exists in my heart and mind, I know my handsome Woodle is with his best friend forever, The Monkey, and that they are wrestling and romping and keeping an eye on all of our other lost fuzzy buddies til we can join them.

He will always be in our hearts.

The Monkey & Count Basie 



Molly said...

I just opened up my reader and my heart sank when I saw this. I'm so incredibly sorry. He was such a handsome boy and I love everything you wrote about him. What a beautiful post for him. Sending you & yours lots of love.

KB said...

Heartbroken for you. Your incredible love for him shined through in your tribute and your photos. I hope that he's with his best buddy romping in a meadow.

Terry said...

There just aren't words to tell you how sorry I am. What a wonderful soul.

Lori Skoog said...

Sue and sure have a lot of love. Such a beautiful tribute to Count Basie. Wish I could be there for you.

pam said...

God Speed darling Woodle. Your tribute to the Count is magic. Thank you. Love you...

Annette said...

I am so sorry about this. Sending you a hug through cyberspace.

dogsled_stacie said...

Oh that woodle was such a beauty, so sorry you had to say goodbye to him Sue. But yeah, no doubt him and Monkey are happy to be together again!!!

Hang in there, hugs and strength sent to you and good vibes for everyone else to stay healthy.

Sandra said...

Oh, I am so so sorry for yet another loss, Sue. Like someone before me said, my heart just sank and I can't stop the tears from coming down. And I only knew him through you, I can only imagine how hard this is on all of you. I wish I could do more than just express my sympathy. God speed, sweet, sweet boy.

christine said...

beautiful pictures, and such a sweet list. HUGE HUGS to your pack and to both you and daddy.

So, did the woodle end up marrying the Princess??? :D

Grey Horse Matters said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I can tell your heart is broken and he was well loved and will be missed terribly. Maybe Monkey needed company and they are romping and playing and lying upside down in the sun right now.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Woodle left a legacy that will live forever in many hearts.

I hope you find solace in the wonderful times you shared with him.

Dan V said...

So sorry. Hang in there you two.

Maery Rose said...

I love the list of Woodle characteristics you put together! I did something similar when my dog Willow passed away -- writing down all the things she taught me and creating a video of her life with photos I'd collected. It was a combination of smiling, laughing, and crying as all the memories flooded together.

Morning Bray Farm said...

I am so sorry. xo

Paint Girl said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved boy!! He was so beautiful and so lucky to have you!!! Will keep you in my thoughts!!

Once Upon an Equine said...

That is a great list of special things about your sweet boy. I'm sorry for your loss and sadness.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for you loss! It seems as a pet owner, the good-byes always come in multiples. I lost four of my "oldies" last year and miss them all so much. I have two 12 year old canine boys and the thought of loosing either one of them just simply terrifies me. We only get to share their lives for such a short time, but the love they give in return lasts a lifetime. Your sweet boy will live in your heart forever!

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

We haven't been by in a while, and what sorrow to read about Count Basie and RTT's diagnosis and Bear's seizures, and so soon after losing Chloe. Our hearts ache for you. The pain of loss is enormous, but the love you shared with them is even deeper and you still have that.

Jed & Abby

Molly ~Vegan Flower said...

Sue- I just wanted to stop by to let you know I've been thinking of you these last several weeks. Lots of love to you all. xoxo