Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Huppies

I thought it would be nice to post pictures of all of the horses and puppies (The Huppies).

First the horses...Ms. Skoogville asked if the whole herd was in the main barn now. fact we built out a 7th stall after we lost our sweet Chloe the wiiiiiiild mustang  this fall so that all 7 ponies could fit in the main barn. After losing my adorable Mariah we now only have 6 horses so we have turned the 7th stall into a heated puppy lounge for the dogs to be able to hang out in while we do chores.

Here is a picture of the entire silly herd in their stalls waiting for their slow feeding hay bags and night time cookies.

From left to right we have:
  • Miss Daisy Mae (12 y.o. paint)
  • Princess Buttercup (6 y.o. dun quarter horse)
  • Snapdragon the wiiiiiild baby mustang (2 y.o. chestnut mustang)
  • Lily Bear Guppie Lips (9 y.o. black quarter horse/pony mix)
  • Star Twinkle Flower (26 y.o. chestnut quarter horse mix)
  • King Tangleberry Pie (28 y.o. bay quarter horse gelding)
In addition to their roomy stalls with fluffy shavings they also have 24-hour access to their outdoor attached 75'-100' runs. I sure wish we had bigger and flatter pastures like Grey Horse Matters' gorgeous property or Skoog Farm's beautiful turn outs but I think they are pretty happy here.

We have gotten into a nice routine where each pair gets pony play time in the front pastures each day. Here are Daisy and Butter running in from the lower pasture...I wish we'd captured the run down to the lower pasture-they were fired up!

And now the are a few pictures of the little monsters in their cute bright outfits and a short description of what they are wearing. It's like a puppy fashion show!

The blankies are from Fido Fleece and they are so toasty warm. We just ordered some new blankets from Ruff Wear so we'll post pictures of those and review them as soon as they arrive!

Many friends have commented on the cute dog booties our crew uses. They are called Cushy Paws. We have at least a dozen different types of dog booties and these are by far the most comfortable and warm. They are made for indoors only but we obviously use them outdoors. We reinforce the velcro with a strip of duct tape and they stay on, have good traction, and keep their paws much warmer than any of the rubber bottomed Ruff Wear boots we have tried. Their soft rubbery bottoms are great indoors to help prevent them from slipping on tile or wood floors. And-they are comfy enough to use as a deterrent for certain obsessive Guppies who like to lick their paws raw (I'm not going to name anyone in particular but you know who you are Bear Guppie).

KB asked me recently about dog booties - I'm not sure how these would hold up to long adventures but we hike the pups in them for miles through the woods without any issues so far. We fold the tops down so that snow does not collect inside the fleece.

The red leashes are wonderful...they are the older style (better leash clip) of the Roamer Leash also from Ruff Wear. They clip around your waist and have a bungee in the leash so that you can comfortably hike hands-free while your pups are safely attached.

Well...that's it from DVR this evening! We hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

And just for I am in my cold weather Kenny outfit...
One of my BFFs came up with the term Mountain Sexy for this look.


Molly said...

Love the video! They look so happy & carefree, just like all animals should be. <3

Love the pup gear! Those coats look really nice. I'm going to check those out for my girls. Have you ever tried booties from We've tried several kinds so far and haven't found any that work that great so far.

Terry said...

The video is like a living Christmas card.

I love your barn - so pretty, comfy, cozy. Lucky huppies!

Morning Bray Farm said...

It's official... you are the most wonderful and amazing huppy parents in the world. I love that you created a heated puppy lounge. Daisy and Butter look so happy running in the snow, and the puppies... well, they are fashion mavens. I love it all! :) xo

Lori Skoog said...

Skoogville reporting in! What a cozy barn! AND I LOVE THE DOGWARE! Thanks for posting this for me.

Maery Rose said...

I love the colorful selection of dog wear! I don't think Java will ever need anything but her thick long coat but Latte may as it gets colder. I may have to check out the booties too, only my reasons for indoor wear would be more selfish, like saving my poor wooden floors from screach out, sliding stop dog play. And I'd like something to protect paws from the salt they put on the roads. I wonder how booties hold up to those chemicals? And I need some kind of hands free method for walking the dogs too. It's hard hanging onto the leashes sometimes with my poofy mittens. I dropped Latte's leash once while on the road but she came back to me. (wipes brow in relief) Thanks for the product info!

elvira pajarola said...

OH....THESE COATS & boots are OUTRAGEOUSLY ELEGANT.....we must know it....we are Italians....(hehehe)...!!

Wonderful video of your galopping horses; my heart beats fast when I see galopping horses; our arabian girl Sheylah would LOVE to gallopp in the snow too...!

( a cast on my leg makes me having time to visit my fave blogs and discovering your wonderful place too...!!)

ciao ciao elvira

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