Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Dog & Pony Show...a seizure, a rock dog, a dragon birthday, and pony trailer training

Quite a title, I know, but I couldn't come up with another that covered such disparate topics.

Bear's last seizure was on Christmas Day 2011. Today he had a grand mal seizure at around 11pm. Having one seizure every 4.5 months is considered pretty good in the world of epilepsy. We rarely know what triggers a seizure-sometimes it is stress, sometimes it is due to a medication lowering his seizure threshold, sometimes his brain is just ready.

Regardless of the cause we do not take them lightly: a friend recently lost her 9 year old epileptic dog when he went into status epilepticus (a seizure that didn't stop). It is the ending that all of us who have epleptic dogs in our lives hope will never happen.

Here is my cute boy napping in his booties. What a sweet gentle boy he is. I love him with all of my heart and consider every day with him a gift.

Next up: it looks like we have a rock dog! Izzy B is so silly...it is obvious she grew up in a more simple world: her favorite toys are sticks and rocks! She is so darned cute! (for those who might worry we do not let her chew on her rocks and we encourage her to play with fuzzy toys instead)

mmmmm...rooooock...i love rocks!

chomp chomp chomp...

can I pleeeease have that big rock next to me?

And then there's Miss Sunflower B Snapdragon The B is for Blossom's third birthday! That's right! Snapdragon had a birthday :) She is such a good, sweet, funny little mustang!

Snappie as a 3 year old

Snappie as a 2 year old
And finally...to show you how far our little baby bouncing dragon has come...here she is debuting her newest talent: backwards trailer loading :) A million thanks to our new pony guardian angel Kirsi Kesaniemi from Longmont, CO...the ponies and I adore her!


Lori Skoog said...

Good Morning Sue.
Bear sure went a long time without a seizure. Looks like he is doing ok now. Izzy B sure has become part of the crew, and I am very impressed with the Snapdragon. You must be getting very excited about your move.

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

It's so good to see you posting again! Happy Birthday to Snapdragon! And mazel tov on her wonderful new skill with trailer loading. Can all the horses load backwards, and is that the best way for them to ride on the drive to your new home? [You can tell we don't know much about horses, much less moving horses.]

We're sorry about Bear's seizure, but hopeful it will be the last one for a very long time. Glad he recovered well. Is there anything he can take to help calm him during the move? Maybe some nice holistic drops or pills?

We're happy Izzy B has integrated so well into the pack.

Jed & Abby

Terry said...

Nice to hear from you, Sue!
So sorry about Bear's seizure. I hope it's a very long time before he has another. Like forever. Love those snappy booties.
A very Happy Birthday to the Snapdragon!

Maery Rose said...

I'm curious if you've manage to get Izzy to wear the boots. I want to buy some for Latte to stop the skidding across the wood floors but I'm afraid she'll just chew them off.

Sorry to hear about the seizure. Having had dogs with seizures, you've done an excellent job managing to have such a long time in between.

I like the backing into the trailer trick. Belated happy birthday Snapdragon!

a ji o ji suno ji said...

That is cute, but instead of the music and text, perhaps you could have turned on a light or two?