Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hello everyone from California!

The ponies, puppies, and people have been on the road since last Wednesday-whew!

Overall it has been an amazing road trip across the western states with an insane amount of crazy stuff happening along the way-I will update soon with tales of hurricane force winds, broken down Penske moving trucks, lots of run ins with cops, road rage incidents, blown tires, and other absurd follies.

But for now here is an adorable picture of Tango and Star, on day 7 of their big adventure, looking bright eyed and happy and calm in their pony limo during a rest stop. These two are 29 and 26 years old and they handled the trip with ease along with all of the others. We are all so proud and in awe!

Mr smrp and I got here a day early after escorting the herd and their Dream Team (plus a Puppy Fairy Godmother) so that we can fluff stalls and fill water buckets and otherwise be prepared for the arrival of the King and his Flowers :)

Lots of pictures and stories to follow-we are so excited to start on this new adventure!!



Nancy J said...

Hi, I am so glad you have arrived with the "senior" ones all safe and sound. I had wondered how the trip was going, and hope you will settle in, be happy, find new friends, and be closer to thge other "oldies". A huge move, different State, climate, will you have any snow there? Regards to Mr SMRP, hope he travelled well too!! Greetings from Jean.

Lori Skoog said...

Whoa Nellie! What a trip. Can't wait to read about the details and see LOTS of pictures of the King and his Flowers in their new digs. Welcome to your new home...is it Dream Valley Ranch West?

Molly said...

That was the king of all moves you undertook! I'm glad you all arrived safe & sound!

Paint Girl said...

So happy you all have arrived safe and sound! Hauling horses long distance can be quite challenging and eventful. I am sure you will enjoy the warmer weather too!

Terry said...

Congratulations on getting everyone to your new home! Hauling even a little distance stresses me out, so I can't imagine how stressful this trip must have been. Kudos on a job well done.

Strawberry Lane said...

Welcome to California! So glad you have arrived safely. Looking forward to lots of photos, stories, details, and some of your movies. Your senior horses look fantastic in their limo! Congrats to them for the successful trip.

Maery Rose said...

Yeh! Although it sounds like you had a hell of a ride, I'm expecting it all turned out well in the end. And I'm as amazed as you are at how well your seniors have done and look forward to the full update.