Thursday, November 29, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood

Oh no! We live in a rainy climate now and sommmmebody does not like to get wet!


Why dress our little Itty Bitty Izzy B up as little Red Riding Hood of course :)

What do you all think? We will try it out tonight and hope our little princess puppy doesn't melt :)

P.S. Mickey-we think you should come hold Izzy's paw when she goes out to potty at night-she sure would like that!


lori ninja pony mom said...

Hahaha! You will find ANY reason to dress up your doggies! So adorable. Hi IttyBittyIzzyBBBB.

Terry said...

Mickey says he'd love hold Izzy's paw!
He's wearing a shiny black blanket to the barn these days - it'd look hot with Izzy's red cover.

Maery Rose said...

You have the most adorably outfitted dogs I've ever seen! Now can you give me a solution for outdoor booties that I can use to stop the muddy feet prints all over my house? Not that I believe Latte would put up with such a thing...