Friday, December 28, 2012

No dogs on the mommy!

That blob on the right and under the monsters is me.

I had just gotten home from visiting my family overnight and was napping because I caught a cold.

The doggies did not like that I was away overnight (Huckie joined them right after this picture was taken) so they decided to do a DOG PILE on me.

Silly doggies.

To be fair this WAS the first time I had ever left Izzy and Huckleberry and the first time in two years since I had left the Guppies. They got their point across :)

It's a good thing the ponies were not able to join in!

We hope you all had a wonderful howl-i-day!


Nancy J said...

They did make sure you knew EXACTLY how they felt, our cats are the same, specially Felicity when Hugh was away. I was not even second best on her list, but way down. Is your weather warmer then CO? Hope you are having a good time with family, new friends and old, horses, guppies and more. Greetings from Jean

Terry said...

It was a 3 Dog Night.

lori ninja pony mom said...

izzy's ears crack me up...she could be johnny ballistic's little sister!!!

KB said...

After your last post, I think that the dogs were wondering why their sofa was so lumpy :)

Hope you're feeling better.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I guess they missed their mommy and wanted to let you know it!

Happy New Year to you and the gang! Have a wonderful year.

Maery Rose said...

This scene is pretty familiar, only I wake up to having two dogs and a cat piled on top of me. But it sure is a good feeling! I hope that cold is gone. said...

Oh, they love you so. :) Kassie does the same thing... we call it "Protecting the body" because she won't let anyone else close to the bed or the couch if she's already on top of us. Too funny.

valobai tomay said...

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